Because we are stronger better safer together.

MyOneOne provides minorities and the underserved the power to protect themselves and their loved ones.

How does it work?

The team at MyOneOne believes we can be better as a people if all were free to live their lives free of systematic racism and economic oppression.  To fix these issues and achieve true equality, we created a support system that will shine a light on our society’s problems.

1. Build your lifeline

Your lifeline is your support system. These are people you trust in an emergency. Family and friends that the MyOneOne team contacts when you sound an alarm. This group will be able to see the live stream and your GPS location, so add them wisely.

2. Sound the alarm

If you feel unsafe simply open up the MyOneOne mobile app and tap the alarm. No matter the location or time we will be there to contact your lifeline.

3. Live Stream + Chat + GPS

Immediately MyOneOne starts an emergency live stream using your mobile device’s video camera. Your device also starts broadcasting your location. Your lifeline is alerted to the situation and can join the live stream to support you.

4. Third A.I

As soon as your video starts MyOneOne uses its image and audio recognition machine learning system called Third Eye. We look for certain events or objects that show you may be in mortal danger or your rights are being violated. If that is the case Third Eye will alert the team at MyOneOne and we can start the process of getting you the support you need.


Because I shouldn't be afraid.

Be there for your loved ones with MyOneOne. Your lifeline is a few taps away.


Sound The Alarm

Help is only a few taps away.

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Suite 300

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Phone: 407.484.3811


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