We Are Safer Together!

We are here to support you and your lifeline. Click the button below to download MyOneOne from the Apple App Store.

Public Service Announcement

What is MyOneOne?

Co-Founder Eric Mills explains what MyOneOne does and why it exists.


A Lifeline to your loved ones.

MyOneOne provides minorities and underserved the power to protect themselves and their loved ones.


Because I shouldn't be afraid...

Traffic stops can be deadly. Protect yourself with MyOneOne.


Because I Shouldn't Be Afraid...

Keep your loved ones close with MyOneOne. Your lifeline is a few taps away.


Because I Shouldn't Be Afraid...

Be there for your loved ones with MyOneOne. Your lifeline is a few taps away.

Safer Together

When you feel unsafe, or you need help, your lifeline will be there. MyOneOne makes it easy to send actionable data to your loved ones.

Your Lifeline

Keep the ones you love close. Your lifeline consists of family and friends you deeply care for. Lifeline members will be contacted in case of an emergency. Make sure you fill your lifeline with those you trust to respond to your emergency.


In emergencies, connect with your lifeline via live streaming directly from MyOneOne. Videos are stored for later use. You no longer have to go through emergencies alone.

GPS Location

Send your location information directly to your lifeline—no need to fumble around with your phone. Just a few taps on the MyOneOne app and, we will take care of it for you.

No matter what the emergency MyOneOne is here for you, and your lifeline.

Whether you feel unsafe or you need emergency assistance, we are here to help. Send an alert to your lifeline, live streaming directly to those who can help. Using the GPS from your device, we keep your lifeline informed of your location. If you have a medical emergency, we not only alert your lifeline, we connect you directly to emergency medical services.

We are safer together.

Join the MyOneOne community. If you have questions or you would just like to say hi,  fill out the form below.

450 South Orange Ave

Suite 300

Orlando Fl 32801




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